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SIMcredible's Cloning Policy

• amended day 25 th August 2005 •

Cloning / Recolor / Retexture of our FREE objects
are allowed under the following:

  • Please provide a link back to SIMcredible as credit at your site's Downloads page
  • You must be a FREE site
  • You are not allowed to offer SIMcredible! objects bases if you intend to create a donation set or if you are a pay site!
  • Clone/recolor/retexture of our Donation Files is Forbidden
  • You don't need to ask permission, just give us credit and a VISIBLE link back to [ ]

Redistribution & Screenshots

Hotlink ( Point directly to our stuff such as graphics, photos, rar files and zips files) is not fair and it's not allowed
You are free to show us at your finds/Updates pages but please save the photo to be shown at your PC and upload it at your own server or at any free image server.
It's also not allowed to re-distribute our objects ( IFF files /ZIP files/RAR files/FAR files/Package files ) at any other website/forum/e-group/FTP server. SIMcredible's files are meant to be downloaded through SIMcredible website.

How do I install your sims 1 files ?

Double click in the zip/rar to descompress the files .  You'll get the IFF files ( or WLL or FLR files ) and "read me" file from us .  To appear in game, the objects, walls and floors must be placed in the correct folders .  ... Then:
  • Put all IFF files at your Maxis/The sims/Downloads folder
  • Put all WLL files at your Maxis/The sims/GameData/walls folder
  • Put all FLR files at your Maxis/The sims/GameData/floors folder

Help! My game crashed!

It's probable that your game is crashing due to ID conflicts. We do have our own magic cookie to avoid ID conflicts, but still, some of our older objects may have double ID. You can report ID conflicts at our forum and we will be fixing it.
However be aware that many reasons can cause The sims to crash .   Some objects may require expansion pack to work, so it's also a good idea you make sure you have the required expansion packs, although we work our best to clone our pieces from the main base game . By the way, you will be always informed if a download requires or not exp pack to run.

What's a rar file?

Rar Files are similar to zips .   Just another program/format to compress files .   You can download WinRar here to open Rar Files ( Free trial version )

Why SIMcredible's sims 1 sets are not available to download via website?

We are online for 13 years, there are more than 165 furniture sets, almost 2000 downloads for the sims1 game
Bandwidth usage costs to our site but unhappily Sims1 area is no longer covering costs to keep online...
however there's no intention to close our sims1 area, but to keep this section opened we had to make some changes .  The sims1 sets are now hosted at our Google drive.
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