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How do I install your custom content (.package )?

".package" files must be placed under this path: C:\...\...\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Can I include your downloads within my lots and rooms?

Please DO NOT share our packages with your downloaders.
This also means not sharing your mods folder with our content inside, when sharing your lot/room.
You are more than welcome to share the links to get our content, so your downloaders can download our files from the right place, ensuring that they will always get the fixed/working versions of our files.

My tubs/tables/seats/Beds stopped to work!

You are using an older/unfixed version of a package.
Every time a new patch comes out, it will likely to break something , and that's why it's very important to get the files from us, instead of getting from someone's shared mod folder . Because we fix them every time they break, ensuring that only working versions will be available.
Remember to re-download the fixed versions and replace the older ones for the newest/fixed versions. If you keep both versions on your game, it will read only the older (broken) version. Sometimes things go wrong because the older versions were not properly deleted/replaced.

if you prefer to quick fix your files, you can follow these steps:
1-Create a free account on Sims4Studio
2-Download the Sims4Studio wishes version (or newer)
3-Follow this image tutorial to know how to fix your files.

It's wise to keep your login information saved because, every time EA breaks the files, with Sims4Studio you'll be able to fix them all in the future. ;)

Can I upload/redistribute your downloads?

Sincerely? No.
There're a lot of efforts and hard work behind our pieces and we ask you to please play fair :) Don't upload/redistribute our content at any web site, FTP, forum, the sims exchange, e-group etc...
Same applies for the redistribution of our meshes for the sims and/or any other game or site.
No one will kill you, nor curse you to the lifetime (* sure!* ) ...but let's us seriously think about a simple thing... what is the big deal in steal other's people work ? o.O

But why you do not allow me to upload my Mods folder within your content to my houses/rooms downloaders?

1- first we need traffic on our pages.
We pay bills to keep this site and if you avoid visitors to visit us.... we don't get any help...

2- By asking people to download directly from us we are trying to avoid objects to be broken in future EA patches.
We work hard to fix all that is broken and manually update one by one, providing the updated versions for the users. When someone says "Your files don't work, please fix!", probably this same someone did not get the files directly from us, from the updated links.
Things go wrong, probably because someone got our files from folders that another creator provided (even being against our humble solicitations...) and therefore these files are not the updated versions.

It's not a matter of 'if' but 'when' EA will break the next custom content, that's why downloading from the direct links is the only way to prevent objects to act weird and also from disappearing on the game.

There is a person saying it's SIMcredible in a community I am member of. Is that really you?

These are the only ways to reach the real SIMcredible work, from the real SIMcredible creators:
•at our minisite at TSR
•at our Facebook
•at our Instagram
•at our Twitter
•at our Patreon page
•at our Tumblr
Other than these, it's probably a fake person redistributing illegally our content.

Do you accept requests?

Not anynore. Why?
Well... long time ago when our staff had 4 creators... we all 4 decided to accept requests and that was a huge confusion. We received more requests than we could fulfill. We were not able to attend everybody and it was a mess!
And the worst: in order to try to please most of the people, we lost our own inspirations and ideas... we lost the "create for passion" factor... because everything looked like a huge pile of requests.
The thing went so wrong that we all closed requests and decided to not take anymore.


You're allowed to share recolored versions of our meshes but please DO NOT include our meshes. Add credit and a visible link back to [ sims4.simcredibledesigns.com ] in the same page of your recolor download. This doesn't apply to support sets. We don't allow the recolor of our support sets since we need them to help us with the site costs. But as +90% of our site is free, recolorists have several sets to choose from ;)


Once again, the same goes for our meshes from TSR ( The Sims Resource ) [click to see our page there] , you're allowed to share recolored versions of our work, but DO NOT include our meshes. Please, be nice and place a proper credit and a visible link back to us in the same page of your recolor download. Linking back is fair and does not hurt anyone :)


We will be converting some of our own Sims3 sets for Sims4. Sure there're people converting our sets without permission, that's something we can't avoid.
However, we can't take responsibility on these files nor even we can't give any guarantees if other's people conversion of our sets will be working properly.
We work carefully on every single converted file, fixing and adjusting what worked for Sims3 for now work in Sims4.
If you want a properly tested object, working safely and appropriated to your Sims4 game, maybe it is a good idea to wait for our own conversions.