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How do I donate to help SIMcredible?

Choose a set and click on the Pay Pal button.
You'll enter PayPal page to make the payment.
Be sure to enter a valid e-mail address! because after the payment confirmation you'll receive your files via e-mail.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your files!
If you still have doubts or questions you can get support via the e-mail you used on the PayPal transaction or also on our social media channels.

Why is it so important to have a valid e-mail address?

Because you'll receive the files that you've donated for through your e-mail.
As the sets are large attachments, we recommend e-mail providers that allow you to receive large files, such as Gmail, Hotmail and YahooMail.

I donated and there's no download link for me to get my files!

We don't work with download links.
You'll receive all files through your e-mail. The same one you used at PayPal to purchase the files.
Just check your inbox or bulk folder.

I donated and did not receive my set!! My Inbox is empty!

Have you checked your other e-mail folders? (not just the inbox) ...
Some e-mail providers may place by precaution our messages on their bulk/junk /spam folder, because of the attachments...
Or Sometimes happens that when we try to send files to an e-mail provider that can't handle large attachments size (sims 4 files are too big, some sims 3 & 2 are big as well) they all return to the sender with error.
But be ok :) when a message returns error to us, We will re-send the files until you get them.
That's why it's a good idea to have Gmail account, cause they can handle large files perfectly.

How can i know for sure that the e-mail that i got on my inbox really came from you, guys?

SIMcredible will NEVER send you an e-mail just called "Donation set", "SIMcredible Donation set" or something so simple...
All sets sent by us, will have more detailed title, not just "donation set".
Also, be aware and careful with the message's size in megabytes. You'll never get from SIMcredible an attachement with less than 250Kb (Sims1) or 1Mb (Sims2 and Sims3) and even bigger in sims 4 case.
Be aware with messages with 34 or 43 Kb... surely they didn't come from us.

I don't like PayPal, is there another way to support your work?

Yes :) you can support us on Patreon!
We have exclusive sets for our Patrons, all created with much love and also with the quality that your sims enjoy!

Can I share or redistribute your donation files?

No o.O You can't share the sets you've donated for in any case.
It's not okay to share our content.
We still offer very cool stuff for free, and there's no need to do it.
And between us... you've paid to help our website and support our work. What's the point to share freely with other people the files that you have paid for?

 once again thank you for your help and blessed support :)