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About SIMcredible creations on Lots/Houses

Please DO NOT include our custom content files with your lots if you are a lot/house builder.

You are more than welcome to use our creations on your builds, but we humbly ask you to not include our files on your downloads.

This also means not sharing your mods folder with our content inside, when sharing your lot/room.

You can always link back to us, pointing to your downloaders the links to get our content, so they can download our files from the right place, ensuring that they will always get the fixed/working versions of our files.

My tubs/tables/seats stopped to work!? (Sims 4)

You are using an older/unfixed version of a package.
Every time a new patch comes out, it will likely to break something , and that's why it's very important to get the files from us, instead of getting from someone's shared mod folder.
Because we fix them every time they break, ensuring that only working versions will be available.

Remember to re-download the fixed versions and replace the older ones for the newest/fixed versions. If you keep both versions on your game, it will read only the older (broken) version. Sometimes things go wrong because the older versions were not properly deleted/replaced.

About SIMcredible's Meshes:

You are welcome to recolor our free objects :)
In this case, Your visitors will need our meshes to have your recolors appearing in their game.
You'll need to place a link to us at your site telling your visitors to get the meshes they will need here, at SIMcredible.
You are NOT allowed to direct point / hotlink our meshes or even host / redistribute / upload them.
The okay way to make your visitors to get our meshes is pointing the link for they download the meshes from SIMcredible! designs website.

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